Electric Bicycles and Their Practical Uses

Electric bikes enable you to choose between pedaling the way you do with a regular bicycle and using a rechargeable battery to help you get to your destination when you’re exhausted or go uphill. They do cost a bit more than conventional types, but they do have a range of benefits. So you’d know if this vehicle is for you, see if you and your commuting style fit those mentioned below.

If you’re someone who’s tired of the heavy traffic jam every morning when you go to work and every evening going home, battery-powered biking can help solve your problem. However, this will only be true for someone whose workplace isn’t too far from his residence. If the distance between your home and your workplace is about 60 km or more, you can look at portable or foldable versions of electric bicycles. You can combine using the bike with riding on a train or a bus. Foldable bikes will be easy for you to carry on a public transport. In some countries, they provide secured bike areas in train stations for this particular purpose. You can just leave your bike there and come back for it after work.

Similarly, students can benefit from bikes with both pedaling and battery power functions. You can also use the pedals going from one building to another if you have a large campus and switch to battery-powered riding going to and from the school. You might have to save a few more money to buy this type of bike, but it will save you a lot in the long term, considering the price hike of gasoline everywhere. You don’t need any license for this vehicle, too.

If you have a business that involves delivery around the neighborhood, electric bikes can substitute well for scooters. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, these bikes won’t give off any sound of a motor that can be quite disturbing to the area. It can also help you deliver your goods to your customers faster and cheaper.

Keep in mind, though, that for delivery businesses, these bikes are ideal only within a radius of below 20 km. It might not be an efficient mode of transport for businesses covering areas wider than that.

Lastly, remember that electric bicycles, just like other vehicles, need to be well-maintained for you to maximize their benefits. Be sure you have the battery charged fully before using, since draining it all the time will shorten your battery’s life.

Source by Amber Nichols

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