Advantages and Disadvantages of Flip Flop Helmets

When it comes to your safety, you should not stand back from any opportunity you have, for instance, you can choose to wear a flip flop helmet or a full face helmet, but you are definitely not allowed to avoid wearing any helmet at all. Helmets can be very important if you are involved in an accident as they can keep you away from very serious head injuries which can even lead to your death.

Whether you ride a traditional bike or you prefer battery powered bikes, there is no difference when it comes to the role of wearing a helmet. Probably the most important thing about helmets is the way it fits you. A helmet must fit you just right because otherwise they are not as shock resistant as they should be. Therefore, whenever you find yourself shopping for a bike helmet of any kind, you should try it on before buying it so that you are sure your maximum safety is ensured if it ever happens for you to be involved in some kind of accident.

According to riders and specialists, one of the disadvantages of flip flop helmets is their chin protector, which only proves to be highly efficient at low speeds. At higher speed, however, riders are highly exposed to injuries because the impact between the chin and the chin protector their helmet is equipped with can be a very tough one. However, there are all kinds of unpredictable situations when it comes to accidents, but it is a lot better if you are sure you have taken all the measures of precaution beforehand.

Some people approve more of flip flop helmets than of full face helmets. Some of them claim that flip flop helmets are quite comfortable, but they are also more expensive than full face helmets. However, money is not something you should be concerned about when your safety is at stake.

Source by James M.

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